“It’s time for a new story.”

Immersive Publishing is all about taking storytelling to the next level. Instead of focusing on traditional publishing methods, we have always been about breathing new life into creative works and giving birth to a new generation of readers. It’s about enhancing traditional reading but keeping alive everything that has made reading a chosen activity through each generation.

Today’s young people have hundreds of potential entertainment choices that are far more flashy and exciting.  Our goal was to level the playing field a bit and give reading a 21st century push.

Our Story Theater skill allows your young reader to become fully immersed in a story.  Their reading triggers a series of narration tracks, sound effects, music and ambient sounds to make the story come alive.  They’ll read along, read aloud and find themselves part of the adventure.  You simply purchase a Story Theater enabled book on Amazon, have Alexa download the skill to your Amazon Echo or Echo dot, and you’re ready for one of the most exciting reading experiences of your life.  Our original lineup of stories are brand new and designed to take advantage of the Story Theater technology.

If you have a child or grandchild who thinks of reading like eating broccoli, this might be the system that gets them interested in reading.  The books are incredibly affordable so we have a low risk cost of entry.