2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Kids

2018 Holiday Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Kids

Trying to find gifts for kids who have everything can make holiday shopping a challenge. Check out our tips for simplified shopping and our guide for finding creative gifts for kids.

Tips for Finding the Best Gifts for Kids:

Try following these tips as you select the best gifts for kids this holiday season:

  • Focus on building experiences
  • Keep up with modern technology
  • See what’s trending
  • Choose something they’ll use in the months to come

Our Holiday Gift Guide for Kids:

1. Tickets to a Museum

Museum passes are one of the best gifts for kids. From history to art museums, there’s something for every child. See the types of exhibits that are coming to nearby museums in upcoming months and plan an outing with your little ones. You may even consider getting an annual pass. Museums rotate exhibits on a regular basis, so a museum pass can ensure fun for the whole year.

2. Interactive Book

Many children are opting for the latest gadgets and setting aside reading. Books shouldn’t have to compete with growing technology, and, with Immersive Publishing’s Story Theater Amazon skill, they don’t have to. Try out one of the Story Theater enabled books, and watch the stories come to life as your child reads along. Just purchase the book, enable the Amazon skill on your Amazon Echo device, and start reading. This innovative product is sure to capture the attention of your little millennials while also sharing the love of reading. It’s one of the perfect gifts for kids who have everything!

3. Tickets to the Local Theater

A trip to broadway isn’t always feasible, so why not try a night out to the local theater! Tickets to the theater are the perfect addition to your holiday gift guide. Whether you choose a ticket to the holiday show or purchase a certificate for the spring, your little ones are sure to love a trip to the theater. Theater has many benefits for children, like increased comprehension skills, so it’s the perfect gift for fun and learning.

4. Family Board Games

Toys often go untouched after January. Instead of feeling pressured to choose the flashiest toy, choose something with a longer lifespan. A board game will encourage family bonding and won’t clutter the toy chest.

5. Lessons or Classes

There are plenty of lessons and classes available for children with varying interests. Purchasing lessons are a great way to encourage your child to try new things and build confidence along the way. You may consider:

  • Cooking
  • Horseback Riding
  • Instrumental
  • Drawing
  • Dance

6. Pass to the Zoo

Most don’t think about visiting the zoo over the winter months, but visiting the zoo in the snow definitely has its perks. Many zoos include fun activities like holiday lights during the winter. Plus, you’ll get to see arctic animals during their most active time of the year.

Looking for more ideas? Check out our full selection of Story Theater enabled, Amazon Echo compatible books.

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