Audio Library

Audio Library

The Audio Library

We record thousands of hours of digital audio as we create the worlds of Story Theater.  From time to time, folks get a little bored and that’s normally when the fun starts.  The files below are a mixture of weird commercials, bloopers and generally fairly stupid stuff.  But if you’re bored as well, listen to a few, it’s sort of fun.



Our chief narrator and one of the funniest humans on the planet created this commercial.  One can’t help but feel sorry for him.


Baby Talk

All of the great narrators of our age have used baby talk as a means of communication.  Our narrator was not about to be outdone.   If it was good enough for Cronkite, Orson Wells and of course, Paul Lynde, than why not William?


The Tagline

“It’s time for a new story…” is the tagline we use on all of our promotional activities.  Of course, our esteemed narrator tried  to see just how “out there” he could go with it. Listen in while his voice slowly gains weight and levels of debauchery previously never imagined.