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A brave new world!

A brave new world!

Immersive Publishing is all about taking storytelling to the next level. Instead of focusing on traditional publishing methods, and pumping out the same old novel time and time again, we focus on breathing some new life into creative works.

The written word has never died, but it has certainly changed over the years. The genres have evolved. The books have moved from hard-covers to paper-backs, then from paperbacks to e-readers. But really, nothing much has changed. In a technologically advanced society as ours, you would think that something as influential as reading would develop some new type of life, or take on some new skin. That’s where Immersive-Publishing comes into the picture.

We think that it is time for the written word to evolve into something completely different. Reading is such an important part of society, especially for children, and we want to bring a new face to the industry. We want to revolutionize the way people read, by creating interactive stories, that make you part of the adventure. Through our medium Story Theater, we have created a new brand of storytelling. Because in the end, we believe:

It’s time for a new story.