Getting Started

Getting Started

This looks cool…how do I get started?

Story Theater works with both paperback and digital books.  We sell all flavors, so it’s really up to you.

If you’re technical… and only use digital books like Kindle and tablet readers, then you’ll buy the mobi or PDF version of our books and upload it directly to your reader.  It’s not hard and anyone can do it, but it’s just a matter of how comfortable you are doing it.  When you purchase the digital version of the book, we’ll send it with complete instructions on how to upload it.

If you feel more comfortable holding a paper book in your hands…no worries, we sell beautiful glossy paperback versions of all of our books and you’ll get the same experience as the digital folks get.

If you feel more comfortable using your Kindle… You can also purchase any Story Theater enabled book via Amazon and have things automatically downloaded to your Kindle…

If you go to The Books, you’ll find all of our offerings with all 3 flavors…just choose the one you want!